Ordering information for Babylon: Daniel’s Courage in Captivity (Group Publishing Holy Land Adventure series) is now available! Due to some policy changes at Group, there are some discount changes as well but you can still SAVE! We are here to serve you however we can to help you reach children for Christ this summer!

What’s this year’s Holy Land Adventure all about? In 2012, children will have the opportunity to journey to Babylon to witness Daniel’s faithfulness and courage in a foreign land. Through this unique approach, kids will experience the sights, sounds and smells of Daniel’s world. It’s a way for them to interact with the Word of God in a very special way:

  • Day 1: Daniel and his friends are taken into captivity. When things change, God is with you!
  • Day 2: Daniel interprets Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. When you need help, God is with you!
  • Day 3: Daniel’s friend survive a fiery furnace. When you are afraid, God is with you!
  • Day 4: Daniel has the courage to pray even though it might get him in trouble. When you are lonely, God is with you!
  • Day 5: God saves Daniel from the lions. When you are thankful, God is with you!

Each day has links to other passages in the Bible so that children can see incredible connections in the grand tapestry of God’s Word. There are different “Marketplace Shops” to visit each day including a royal animal courtyard, astronomy school (watch out wise men!), hanging gardens nursery, a mosaic studio, and more! 

Once again, Group is also offering Family Faith Builders so kids can bring home a bit of the material and the entire family can grow through the experience in the days ahead. Used with God Sightings wall poster and tiles, Group’s resources encourage kids to look outside of the walls of the church for ways to see and live out their faith.