What is a Catalyst event?

A simple, but effective, 6-hour workshop designed to:

  • Equip your church family to share their faith stories with confidence

  • Deepen relationships through discussion groups

  • Teach vital listening skills

  • Spark excitement for sharing the gospel story

How does it work?

  1. Choose from one of the three character studies listed below and register for your workshop.

  2. Our trained leader will walk you through the preparation process and confirm your workshop date.

  3. Experience the immediate and lasting impact on your church as you follow-up with two simple steps!

What’s included?

  • Preparation guidance to ensure workshop success

  • 100 devotional guides & small group hand-outs

  • Follow-up consultation

What is the cost?

  • $250 Registration Fee

  • Transportation and lodging for your coordinator

  • An offering collected at the close of the workshop

Choose from one of our three character studies as the theme of your workshop. Through this story, we’ll learn how God can use our own stories for his glory, how sharing our story encourages others, and how our story fits into HIS story. Together, we’ll work through a simple structure that will equip each member to write and share their own faith story during the workshop!



Faithfully following god

What was it like to lose everything and then step out in faith to follow an unknown God instead of going back to something familiar?



Passion-Driven Purpose

After fleeing the country as a fugitive, how would you react if God then told you to return and lead
two million people out of slavery?



Pursuing God's Heart

Imagine the surprise of a young teenage boy when he is called home one day to learn he has been chosen by God to become the future king!

The life-changing power of the Gospel story

Jesus came to earth as a common man; His feet were dusty from the road and he rubbed shoulders with poor people along the way. As he traveled, he shared stories and developed relationships with people. He calls us to do the same - to share the good news of the Gospel with the people around us. The Bible is full of stories from the lives of ordinary, sinful people which God redeemed for His glory!

The Catalyst workshop allows the people in your church to be immersed in the culture, context and character of God's Holy Word coming alive through His people! Each themed event will dig deep into the life of one Biblical character model. You'll discover new ways to relate to each character, what catalysts sparked change in their story, and how it transforms your life today.

Why doesn't everyone share their story?

If the people in your church have experienced the life-saving power of the Gospel, why don't they share it with every person they meet?

"I'm not a mature Christian - I could never lead someone to Christ!"
"I don't read my Bible or pray every day, how could I talk to someone about God?"
"I've messed up too many times to truly make a difference for someone else."
"My story isn't that special, God could never use it to change someone's life."

Sharing your story can seem like a daunting task, it can even sound frightening to some people. The good news is, the story isn't about you! You don't have to have it all together because God has made a way. You don't have to be eloquent because God is the author. And you don't have to know all the answers because God does the transforming.

Nine Sentences

Being influential does not require you to be perfect. All you have to do is share the grace you experience every day. Sharing your story can be as simple as talking about how you turn to God in prayer when you face difficulties, or how you can trust in God's plan even when things don't make sense. You share your story and let God do the rest.

What if you could share your story in just nine short sentences? Sound too simple? During a Catalyst event, we will lead your church members through a step-by-step plan to write their own testimony in nine sentences. Then they will immediately use that new skill during the event and the weeks to follow!

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