What is a Celebration Weekend?

We all need times of rest, reflection and encouragement! LRM's Celebration Weekend is a time of refreshing for your church. It is designed to renew a passion for the Gospel and motivate your church to continue the good work!

During a Celebration Event, your church members experience the life-changing power of sharing stories. This event will also equip them with simple tools that will help take the fear and pressure out of sharing their own testimonies.

Available Theme Options

Celebration of Faith
Sharing the Story of Your Journey

Celebration of Prayer
Making a Powerful Connection

Celebration of Abundant Life
Living the Full Christian Life

Celebration of Purpose
We Are Not Here by Chance

Celebration of the Word
Aligning Your Life to God's Written Word

Equipping Celebration
Intense Small Group Leader Training

The Preparation Process

An LRM coordinator will work with you to prepare your church for this time of renewal. Just as we set aside time during Lent and Advent as we anticipate the celebrations of Easter and Christmas, we recommend that you lead your church through a period of expectancy as you approach the Celebration Weekend. A 30-day devotional guide has been designed to help you do so!

Some churches find it helpful to also use this time to evaluate the overall spiritual health of the church and measure it's impact on the community. This is an excellent opportunity to implement our Spiritual Growth & Community Impact Survey! (Optional)

The Weekend Itself

Your LRM coordinator will build a team of men and women from neighboring communities and churches who will share their testimonies during the weekend's events. They will also facilitate small-group discussions and pray with people one-on-one. Large and small-group gathers will focus on one of five over-arching themes (chosen during the preparation process).

Now What?

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