What is a Celebration Event?

During a Celebration Event, your church members experience the life-changing power of sharing stories. These events also equip them with simple tools that will help take the fear and pressure out of sharing their stories.

An LRM coordinator will guide your church leadership through the preparation process, the weekend experience itself, and the very important follow-up. The coordinator will build a team of men and women from neighboring communities and churches who will share their testimonies. They will also facilitate small-group discussions and pray with people one-on-one. The event will have one of five overarching themes: Faith, Prayer, Abundant Life, Purpose or The Word. (The Celebration Weekend event is also available as an Equipping Celebration which is an intense Small Group Leader Training.)

While the Celebration weekend is an amazing and powerful event, not every church has the time and resources required to experience the full benefit. For that reason, we have developed a "mini" version of the Celebration Event -- a similar event with a shorter schedule and more flexibility. A mini-Celebration is designed to encourage your church family through a man or woman from the pages of Scripture. Current theme options include David, Ruth and Moses.

Celebration Weekend

mini Celebration Weekend

Celebration Weekend Overview

Led by one coordinator
and a visiting team of lay people

Small-group discussions
led by visiting team-members

Visiting leaders provided for
music, youth and children

mini-Celebration Overview

Led by one coordinator
and 1-3 LRM-trained leaders

Visiting leader will guide your
church members to lead small groups

Church will need to provide programming
for music, youth and children

Celebration Weekend Themes

Celebration of Faith
Sharing the Story of Your Journey

Celebration of Prayer
Making a Powerful Connection

Celebration of Abundant Life
Living the Full Christian Life

Celebration of Purpose
We Are Not Here by Chance.

Celebration of the Word
Aligning Your Life to God's Written Word

Mini-celebration Themes

Pursuing God's Heart

Faithfully Following God

Passion Driven Purpose

Now What?

Not sure what to do next? Need help deciding which event or theme is best for your church? Contact us today so that we can best address your specific needs! 

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