What can LRM do for your church?

At LRM, we believe that God uses ordinary lay people to do His work. An effective church is one that is equipping its members with the tools to accomplish this work.

LRM can guide you on the journey to becoming an effective church

We have developed tools and workshops in three key areas to help your church navigate this journey to effectiveness. Frommaster-planning and vision casting, to leadership development and church-wide revival, LRM can tailor this process of church renewal to meet your specific needs.

Refocus Your Vision

Is your church growing spiritually?

Can spiritual growth be measured?

Are you carrying out the specific mission that God has for your church?

Revive Your Leaders

Do your leaders have a solid foundation of Biblical principles?

Are they actively making disciples in the church?

Refresh The Church

Does your church need encouragement?

Are your members developing relationships and sharing Christ in their communities?

Where is your church on this journey?

Not sure where to begin? Contact us today. We can help!