Is your church ready to move from plans to progress?

Are your church members excited about God's mission for the church?
Are they equipped to use their gifts and talents to help carry out that unique mission?
Is the church ready to move forward, but not sure where to start?

Engage every person in your church to accomplish God's plan!

Machines depend on the smooth interaction of hundreds of moving parts. But the church is not a machine. It relies on people – people who are called by God to use their gifts and talents to carry out His mission and vision. These people must be equipped and engaged to use their God-given resources.


Giving Life to Vision

LRM has designed an interactive and comprehensive process to help the church systematically launch mission and vision. This strategic process can engage every person on some level. Every member will grow more excited to see what God will do through them. While “success” is ultimately in God’s hands, you are doing everything you can to move people to where He would have them ministering.

How does it work?

The process of Giving Life to Vision is an ongoing system. Through this material, people actually become excited about implementing the vision. Your team will walk with Joshua to determine objectives, Solomon to build goals, Timothy to set strategies, and Esther to establish time-lines and finances. The Apostle Peter is the Scriptural guide to implementation and it brings to light how great things await those who walk in the Word!


After your registration has been submitted, you will receive a preparation manual that will help your leaders get the most out of the event. The system provides a thorough overview, suggested schedules, sample plan, development tools and communication tools. If your leaders will commit to implementing this process, the workshop will be more effective. As part of this preparation, we highly recommended conducting a Spiritual Growth and Community Impact Survey throughout your church membership as well as your leadership. The survey can provide information crucial to the planning process.

Who should attend?

The workshop has been designed to train you how to use the GLV system. It will set the stage for continued, intentional planning and the implementation of God-give direction. While you may choose to open the event to the entire church, we suggest at a minimum that the following groups of people be at the workshop:

  • Current church staff and spouses
  • Current leaders and spouses
  • Prospective leaders and spouses
  • Key ministry leaders and volunteers with a heart for action


An LRM facilitator will guide your leaders through a 4-6 hour on-sight consultation. Your leaders will participate in large and small-group discussions and planning sessions. At the conclusion of the workshop, the leadership team will have a wealth of information and tangible goals to pursue as part of the church master plan.


After the workshop has ended, your leaders will have access to the workshop materials to assist them in the ongoing process of Giving Life to Vision.  Additionally, your workshop facilitator will be available by phone for a full year to provide further consultation and accountability.

Pricing and event Options

Implementation Workshop
$650 + Travel & Lodging

Preparation manual

One 4-6 hour facilitator-led on-sight implementation workshop

*Resource Kit

9 Additional Books

Participant's Manual

Consultation Package
$850 + Travel & Lodging

Preparation manual

One 4-6 hour facilitator-led on-sight implementation workshop

*Resource Kit

9 Additional Books

Participant's Manual

One year of phone consultation

*Resource Kit

Leader Manual

PowerPoint CD

One Giving Life to Vision book
(additional copies for $12)


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