Radio Interview: Aaron Edelheit #TheHardBreak

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Here's a simple question. If Jesus Himself thought the Sabbath was an important practice, why do we think it isn't? And, if you say that you don't think that, then how do you observe it?

In an interesting interview with Aaron Edelheit, a Jewish businessman, we are able to hear a rather unique perspective on why the Sabbath should be a part of our lives. Aaron, after beginning to undergo significant health challenges, realized that he needed to return to his understanding of the Sabbath day of rest and a 24/6 lifestyle. 

Even though there are some faith differences, we think you will enjoy hearing a bit of Aaron's story and why he believes the Sabbath is important for anyone and everyone. 

This interview originally aired on Bott Radio Network KSIV 1320 on August 3, 2018.