Radio Interview: Eric Welch #BeautifullyBrokenMovie

Based on a true story, Beautifully Broken, brings to life a gripping account of genocide, the struggles of refugees, and the forgiveness grace can provide. From the beginning, director Eric Welch provides a powerful visual picture of cruelty and persecution in Rwanda - while still not going too far down the road of violence. We then leap across the ocean to see how, even in "safety", there is often danger. Woven throughout the movie are affirming messages of hope and healing as viewers see redemption and grace flowing from potential tragedy. 

Beautifully Broken releases in theaters on Friday, August 24th. Listen to the interview with the director, Eric Welch, for the story of his introduction to the movie and his passion for visual art!

This interview originally aired on Bott Radio Network KSIV 1320 on Friday, August 24, 2018.