Radio Interview: Cindy Woodsmall - As the Tide Comes In

In order to reach the hearts of people, Jesus used parables (stories). We know that this is still a way to reach hearts and minds today. And, although not everyone reads Christian novels, they can be an excellent way to draw people deeper into faith and thinking of things of God. 

Cindy Woodsmall joined us on Bott Radio Network #EncounterKSIV to share her newest stand-alone novel, As the Tide Comes In. Moving between North Carolina and St Simon's Island, Georgia, Cindy weaves a tale of pain and healing as her characters wrestle with issues of life and loss. 

Click on the link to hear Cindy share a bit about her writing and this novel.

This interview originally aired on Bott Radio Network KSIV on September 7, 2018.