Radio Interview: Tosca Lee - The Line Between

She’s back! We were joined again on Bott Radio Network #EncounterKSIV by the one and only Tosca Lee. Tosca's new book, The Line Between, is a powerful novel blended with facts from current headlines. You'll be drawn into the narrative as you walk with Wynter Roth - expelled from a cult and into a world rapidly descending into chaos. You'll be blessed at the power of story as it comes alive with faith and adventure!

Tosca also shared a bit of news. Her books in the Progeny series have been picked up for a television series! Super cool stuff happening INCLUDING this newest book, The Line Between, ALSO being optioned! God is good!!!

The interview originally aired on Bott Radio Network on January 25, 2019 on KSIV 95.9/1320.

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