Radio Interview: Matthew Soerens - Welcoming the Stranger


In February, a pastor shared how a book, Welcoming the Stranger, had transformed the heart and ministries of their church. Intrigued, I decided to check out the release of this updated book from InterVarsity Press. Loving the Biblical foundation, the next step was to invite Matthew Soerens to join us on Bott Radio Network #EncounterKSIV. He accepted, so he'll be with us this Friday to share the book and how the Word of God directs us to present Justice, Compassion, and Truth in the Immigration Debate. You might be surprised to hear a few things! Be sure your dial is set on either 95.9 or 1320 this Friday to hear another edition of Encounter!

This interview originally aired on Bott Radio Network KSIV on March 29, 2019.