Radio Interview: Greg Lanier - How We Got the Bible

When someone suggested I read the book, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, I picked it up to give it a try. As I began reading, I found it to be a somewhat engaging novel that read a bit like a television show. However, as I continued, I was more than a bit surprised at the "facts" he presented that were, let's say, a bit outside of true history. And now, even though we are well over a decade later, some of those distortions continue to exist unquestioned.
In a very short and clear manner, Greg Lanier takes us back to explore some of the basics in his recently published book, How We Got the Bible. Written as another in the "Christian's Pocket Guide" series from Christian Focus Publications, you'll appreciate this handy resource that cuts through the whatnot floating around and takes you right to the truth. Greg walked us through a bit of this in a recent conversation that aired on Bott Radio Network KSIV. Click below to hear the interview as he explains a few of the facts you can have at your fingertips!…/a-christians-po…/info-sheet

This interview originally aired on Bott Radio Network KSIV on May 17, 2019.