Radio Interview: Sean McDowell - So the Next Generation Will Know

For the past 23 years, one question has remained constant as I have spoken with pastors and church leaders across the country:

What about the kids in our church? How can I best teach and equip them in the truths of the Word of God? How can I prepare them with a faith-based worldview?

Let's be honest. A LOT has changed in the past two decades. And a lot of that has left the Church confused and struggled in the balance between the past and the future. Two authors and well-known experts, Sean J McDowell and J. Warner Wallace, have partnered to present a guide to Generation Z in a new book from David C Cook - "So The Next Generation Will Know".
Sean was our guest on Bott Radio Network #EncounterKSIV to share insight into the research and the new book. Click below to hear another interview from Bott Radio Network Encounter!

This interview originally aired on Bott Radio Network on May 17, 2019.