Radio Interview: Tim Riter - God, A Motorcycle, and the Open Road

So, there’s one topic I never thought we’d discuss on Bott Radio Network Encounter. And yet, we recently welcomed Tim Riter to discuss...


What do we know about motorcycles? Absolutely nothing!!! But that’s ok. Tim does AND he also has a deep passion for God. Tim's new book, God, a Motorcycle, and the Open Road, brings together 50 devotions and stories with God's Word. However, this special book adds a touch more as you seek to truly 'kick start' your response. (I guess I know enough to try to make at least one pun…)

Click below to hear the interview and see how this resource might equip you to walk (or ride!) forward in faith!

This interview originally aired on Bott Radio Network KSIV on August 9, 2019.

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