What is the Process of Renewal?

All we do at Lay Renewal Ministries is based on an overlying philosophy. If the church wants to be positioned to be maximally effective for the Kingdom of God, there needs to an intentional plan in place to renew, motivate and equip its members on an on-going basis. We believe that this positioning can best be accomplished as churches subscribe to The Process of Renewal.

Pastor, Ministry Facilitator & Lay Leaders

The pastor, ministry facilitator and lay leaders are at the center of this process. Intentional focus on leadership development, congregational renewal, mission, vision and strategy, and resourcing and equipping will ensure vitality and effectiveness in your church.

Leadership Development

Effective churches train and develop leaders that understand what it means to be a leader in the church of Jesus Christ. LRM has developed several workshops and resource kits to help develop your leaders.

Church Renewal

As they have been throughout our history, important components of our ministry today are Catalyst (mC) and full Celebrations focusing on our faith, our purpose, our prayer life, seeking abundant life, and the Word of God. Consider these updated renewal events for your church.

Master Planning

Healthy churches intentionally seek God’s specific vision for their ministry and develop objectives and strategies to successfully accomplish His plan. LRM provides several tools to help your master planning process.

Resourcing & Equipping

LRM is constantly developing new workshops to equip leaders and congregations for more effective ministry. We also partner with other church support ministries to endorse and promote their ministry tools.