Effective churches are passionate about spreading the Gospel

As Christians, we each have a personal faith story that reflects the love and redemption of Christ. This story is a personal testimony of God's work in our life. We believe God uses ordinary lay people to do the important work of spreading the Gospel as we share our individual stories. Without people in the church sharing their stories and nurturing personal relationships, the church will have no impact on the community!

Two things are vital to accomplishing this

The Proper Tools

Is your church intentionally equipping its members with the tools required to share the gospel?

A Clear Motivation

Is your church cultivating a passion to spread the gospel by developing relationships in the community?

LRM has developed comprehensive weekend events to help meet both of these needs!

This hands-on equipping workshop offers immediately applicable tools and will help take the fear and pressure out of sharing a personal faith story.

This relationship-building weekend will immerse your church members in the Gospel as they experience testimonies and participate in small-group discussions.