The one story that is powerful enough to change the world.

At LRM, we are passionate about equipping the church to train leaders and helping those leaders define the unique vision God has for your church. Developing plans and meeting goals are only part of what it takes to become an effective church. Without people in the church sharing their stories, the church will have no impact on the community. Imagine how many lives might be influenced if every person in your church was passionate about sharing Christ with their neighbors, friends, and colleagues. As Christians, we each have a personal faith story that reflects the love and redemption of Christ. That one story is powerful enough to change the world.

Why people don't share their stories

If the people in your church have experienced this life-saving story, why don't they share it with every person they meet?

"I'm not a mature Christian - I could never lead someone to Christ!"
"I don't read my Bible or pray everyday, how could I talk to someone about God?"
"I've messed up too many times to truly make a difference for someone else."
"My story isn't that special, God could never use it to change someone's life."

Sharing your story can seem like a daunting task, it can even sound frightening to some people. The good news is, the story isn't about you. You don't have to have it all together because God has made a way. You don't have to be eloquent because God is the author. And you don't have to know all the answers because God does the transforming.

Being influential does not require you to be perfect

All you have to do is share the grace you experience every day. Sharing your story can be as simple as talking about how you turn to God in prayer when you face difficulties, or how you can trust in God's plan even when things don't make sense. You share your story and let God do the rest.

Your church's impact

LRM has developed Celebration and Catalyst (mC) events that offer unique ways to help your church members experience the life-changing power of sharing stories. These events also help equip them with some simple tools that will help take the fear and pressure out of sharing their stories. Ready to learn more? Check out the details and options available!