Are you ready?

Thank you for choosing LRM to partner with you and your church. We are so excited to see what God has planned and honored to be part of the process. Below are a few points to consider before submitting your registration. When you're ready, click below to complete the registration form.


Factors to consider Before scheduling an event:


  • Are there any conflicting events on or right before your intended date?

Sporting events, other major Christian events, community or school events, Spring breaks, vacations, holidays and graduations.

  • Who should take responsibility for the event in your church?

The local coordinator should be a non-staff person that is excited about his or her relationship with Jesus Christ and the potential of renewal in your church. It should be a person who is highly organized, trusted by the congregation and administratively gifted.

  • How far in advance should the event be scheduled?

A six-month lead time is best for renewal weekends. While most of the preparation is handled in the three to four months immediately preceding the weekend, more advance prayer and preparation is always beneficial.

Leadership events (depending on facilitator availability) can generally be scheduled with a six-to-eight week lead time. Again, the more lead-time, the better you will be able to prepare and make sure everything is in order.

  • What is the best way to get ready for our LRM event?

The success of all LRM events hinges on three factors; prayer, publicity and preparation. You will receive preparation materials that will very specifically outline the planning process.

  • Can we alter the structure of the event?

There is flexibility in the structure of most events. A close relationship needs to be developed between the LRM Coordinator and the church coordinator to assure that the event presented lives up to the church’s expectations. Early and consistent communication is the key.

Setting a budget is part of this consideration. Some churches prefer to host all meals with a catering service so that the members can fully participate. Others find the option of having members bring food can actually lead to another layer of fellowship. The registration fee from LRM is based on the size of the worship attendance and includes the pre-event Spiritual Growth and Community Impact Survey. (Please ask if scholarships are needed!)

  • < 450 = $475
  • 451-999 = $750
  • 1000+ = $1,200