Does your church need to change direction?

LRM's Church Revitalization Program is specifically designed for churches experiencing a serious decline. If your church is prepared to address difficult realities and address harsh problems, we can guide you through the steps required to change direction. Your church can begin to grow again and become more effective in ministry.

Change must take place. There are no quick answers. Only hard, slow work.  With time, you will see biblical commands become observable life style in more and more of your congregation.

How it works

An LRM facilitator will introduce the steps in the process of Spiritual Renewal and Growth during a one day “Church Growth Preparation Seminar.”  This facilitator will work with the church and leadership. We will pray and work with you to formulate a plan to grow the church into what God desires for it. A specific timeline will be structured so that the leadership can be trained and united together. The congregation will be surveyed and assessed for key target areas. The church will work interactively to develop a concrete plan spelling out God’s vision. Within the Master’s Plan, elements specifically drawn from LRM’s Process of Renewal will be incorporated.

As a proper and true understanding of the church’s mission and vision grows and develops, healthy habits will replace the dysfunctional ones. People will be drawn to obedience to God and seeking ways to live out their calling as members of the church.

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