Simple training content to equip your leaders.

The team at LRM has developed a number of workshops that are now available “to go” for pastors and lay leaders. Each workshops is available as a Power Point presentation with a CD ROM. These basic workshops can be used to develop a customized presentation for your leadership team.

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Launching: Turning Spectators into Players
A church that effectively assimilates people is one that welcomes people into the Body and equip them to find places of service. Learn practical steps to prepare, connect and equip men and women for real ministry!

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Chasing the Energizing Bunny: Renewal in Today’s Church
Does renewal “work” in today’s church? If so, how can we prayerfully week God to understand the Acts 2 model of devotion to God and renew our church through the Power of the Holy Spirit?

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Communication: Why God Taught us How to Talk
Godly communication can enhance our talk and our walk with other members of the church and those in the community. Understand the model of why and how God taught us to talk.

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Seasons: Countering the Seasonal Slump
Does your church experience a “summer slump?” If you believe it does, consider some ways you can turn that time into a powerful time of active ministry!

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Equipping Toolbox: Using resources effectively in today’s church
Use intentional times to equip members in the church to better serve. Carefully consider how worship, sacraments and times of equipping will help people know Christ, grow with Christ and go with Christ into the world.

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Volunteers: Mobilizing Lay Volunteers for Significant Ministry
Potential volunteers need to be enlightened, equipped and engaged in order to serve in significant ministry opportunities. Consider 10 basic steps to accomplish this goal!

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Outreach: Outreach that gets the Community’s Attention
Effective outreach begins when we create a culture for outreach. From this foundation, learn the methods for attracting, equipping and connecting people to the family of believers

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Relationships: How God Wants Us to Interact
Relationships are crucial to our growth in faith. What are some key areas that bring us to deeper connections with one another and how can we improve them?

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Leadership Development: 7 Steps to Effective Leadership Development
Once a potential leader is identified, how can we equip that person to growth? Learn the key steps to practically develop leaders for service in the Body.

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Evangelism: Developing an Evangelistic Church
Does everyone have the gift of evangelism or are we all simply called to exercise evangelism? Is there a difference? Discover basic methods of evangelism and how to make them a part of the life of the church through this introductory workshop.

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Small Groups: Solving the Leadership Training Puzzle
Discover the benefits of small group training and develop a vision of how God can use this ministry in your church.

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