The work of the church is to make disciples.

How do you know if your church is growing spiritually?
Are your ministry efforts well focused to nurture your specific congregation?
Is your church effectively reaching the community?

Don't leave the spiritual formation of your church up to chance!

LRM has designed a simple tool to evaluate spiritual growth and its impact on your community. By using this tool, you will no longer have to guess about the spiritual needs of your people. It will allow you to determine priorities, focus your ministry, grow your church spiritually, and ultimately have an impact on your community.

The Spiritual Growth & Community Impact Survey

This tool has been developed through decades of experience with churches across the country. It's proven to help churches become more effective at making disciples.  

How does it work?

LRM provides a simple survey to be administered to the entire congregation. The survey consists of easy-to-answer yes-or-no questions and can be completed in less than 15 minutes. The same survey will be used by your leadership team to help set goals for the church's spiritual development.

The Congregation

Anonymous survey results will accurately gauge the spiritual condition of the congregation.

Your Leaders

The leadership surveys will help your team set clear goals and expectations for the church.

Evaluating results

The two surveys are used together to determine priorities and direct your ministry focus for optimum growth.

The Process

Our survey consists of time-tested questions that will reveal your church's spiritual status. Your leaders have the option to add up to 5 customized questions specific to your church. Once your survey structure is finalized, you will receive printed copies to distribute. The congregational survey questions will be in a yes-or-no format and can easily be completed within 15 minutes. The leadership surveys will ask the same questions in regards to their expectations for the congregation as a whole.

Example question

"On average I spend 15 minutes or more each day with God in prayer."

Congregational Answer

Yes or No

Leadership Answer

enter a number representing the percentage of the congregation that they would want to respond “yes”

After the surveys are administered and collected, they are sent back to LRM to be compiled into a report. This detailed report will help the leaders of the church identify strengths and weaknesses within the congregation and help focus efforts toward becoming a church that impacts its community for Christ.


The survey is designed to be used annually for a minimum of 5 years. This allows your church to gauge progress on an on-going basis. The price for each year is based on the number of surveys processed.

Up to 300 Surveys


300+ Surveys

+$1 per additional survey

Additional Consultation

Varies based on specific needs


What's Included

  • Printed surveys to distribute to your church and leaders
  • Detailed report outlining the results of both survey parts
  • One-hour presentation via conference call reviewing the report


Additional Support

Some churches find that after receiving their report, further assistance is desired. Our ministry experts are available to provide further support, including help with setting priorities, planning strategies and developing actionable steps to help your church grow spiritually. LRM is here to serve your church and we can offer customized solutions for your specific needs.

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